Growing up in Denmark, in a family of avid fishermen, I had no choice but to become a fisherman. I was dragged on fishing trips from the age of six years old, pursuing brown trout on dry fly. I remember taping my fly rod to my hand because I did not have the strength to hold it all day.

At the age of 10, my older brothers and I started spending summers in Norway pursuing the Atlantic salmon, and hooked my first salmon. I then spent the next 10 summers fishing in Norway. At the age of 20, I decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean to fish the rivers of Cape Breton and have been exploring these waters the last 25 years.

If I can share only a fraction of the joy of connecting with nature through fly fishing that I have experienced in my life, that will fulfill my purpose as your guide on these rivers.

Looking forward to go fishing with you.

 ~ Jimmie Pedersen




I was 5 years old on my first trip to the rivers of Nova Scotia for Brook Trout.

I adventured out on a log across the West Branch and determined to cast my old rod

and reel as far as I could, I ended up wrapping the line around the log and fell

straight in to the icy stream. I began my life long journey with rivers and fishing.

My mother was from Butte, Montana and fly fishing was almost a rite of passage in

her family, with Uncle Walt as the legend I grew up with, fishing in far off places, a

mythical fly fisher on storied streams.

Some 26 seasons ago I picked up the fly rod and carried on the tradition, fishing the

brooks and rivers of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island. I spent days fishing and

nights reading the books on how to tie my fly, raise a fish, the take, the play and the

pure exhilaration of a great day fishing.

With my friend Jimmie Pedersen, we’ll give you countless hours of experience and

sharpened skills for your own chance to meet the fish of these rivers, the rise, the

take and the living of a dream, here on Cape Breton Island.

~Jim Logan